Customization types

A customization type is a high-level classification of a work item attribute customization.

Customizations are organized into the following types:

  • Calculated values
  • Default values
  • Value sets
  • Conditions
  • Validators

Calculated values

Use this customization if the value of an attribute must be calculated instead of entered by the user. The calculated value can depend on the value of other attributes of the same work item. Use a read-only presentation for an attribute that is configured with a calculated value customization.

Table 1. Calculated values. The Calculated Values table describes the supported providers and attribute types.
Provider Applicable to attributes of type
Decimal Decimal
Exposure Provider These customizations are for project areas that are based on the Formal Project Management process template and depend on specific attributes that are defined there. These customizations are preconfigured in that template and cannot be used outside of it.
Probability Cost Provider
Script Based Calculated Value All attribute types

Default values

Use a default value customization to provide an initial value for an attribute when a user creates a work item.

Table 2. Default values
Provider Applicable to attributes of type
Single-Line Text Small String, Medium String
Multi-Line Text Large String
Single-Line HTML Medium HTML
Multi-Line HTML Large HTML
Wiki Wiki
Boolean Boolean
Iteration Interval
Category Category
Duration Duration
Enumeration List Enumeration List
User Contributor
User List Contributor List, Subscriptions
Number Integer, Long
Role Based Enumeration Default Enumeration
Operating System Enumeration
Script Based Default All attribute types

Value sets

Use a value set customization to determine the set of values that can be assigned to an attribute.

Table 3. Value sets
Provider Applicable to attributes of type
Dependent Enumerations Enumeration
HTTP Filtered Value Set Long String, Medium String, Short String, String List
Role Based User List Contributor
Script Based Value Set All attribute types


Conditions are a special type of customization that is used to dynamically determine required attributes and read-only attributes. Conditions are evaluated for an entire work item; if a condition is met, any attributes that are associated with it are required.

Table 4. Conditions
Provider Applicable to attributes of type
Script Based Condition All attribute types


Use a validator customization to ensure that the value of an attribute meets certain conditions. When a user enters an invalid value for an attribute that has a validator customization, an icon is displayed next to the attribute in the work item editor. You can choose to display an informational, warning, or error icon. You can also provide a message to be displayed. If you configure an Attribute Validation precondition on the Save Work Item operation, users cannot save work items that have attributes that fail validation checks.

For attributes that have validator customizations, choose a presentation that shows validation results. Otherwise, users might be confused if they do not see an indication that the attribute value is invalid.

Table 5. Validators
Provider Applicable to attributes of type
Decimal Range Decimal
Number Range Integer, Long
Regular Expression Small String, Medium String, Large String, Medium HTML, Large HTML
Script Based Expression All attribute types

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