Configuring conditions

This section includes examples of how to configure condition attribute customizations.

Note: Typical scripts are short and do not add any noticeable load on servers and clients, but project administrators must verify the performance level of scripts. Scripts run in a sandbox in the Eclipse client and server, but in the web client, scripts can potentially call any existing web service of a Jazz® Team Server a user has connected to. Project administrators must verify that scripts can be configured and attached to the process specification.

To configure condition customizations, you must create a script that checks the value of an attribute to determine whether a condition is true. To use scripts to customize attributes, you must set the Enable Process Attachment Scripts property on the server Advanced Properties page. You must be a member of the JazzAdmins repository group to modify server properties.

  1. Point your Web browser to https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/ccm/admin. For example: Enter your user name and password.
  2. On the Application tab, click Advanced Properties in the Configuration section.
  3. Scroll to the Work Item Component section. Click Edit next to the Enable Process Attachment Scripts property and set it to true, as shown below. Click Save to save your change.
Screen capture of Enable Process Attachment Scripts property being set to true.