Administering configurations

Before your team can use configurations (streams and baselines) in a Requirements Management (RM), Quality Management (QM), or Design Management (DM) project, you must activate configuration management capabilities in these applications and complete several other administrative tasks. After you enable this capability, you cannot disable it.

Before you begin

  • Read a guidance article for links to videos, considerations, and other resources to help you decide if using configuration management tools is right for your team.
  • To view and manage configurations, you must have either project area administration or configuration management permissions. In the Permissions page for an RM or QM project area, see the Configuration Management permissions.

About this task

After you activate configuration management for an application, enable the capabilities for the project areas that will use it, and assign configuration management permissions to your team members, your team can create and use configurations to work in parallel streams.

Your team can then group configurations to represent components of a product. These groupings of configurations are called global configurations. To use them, you must install the Global Configuration Management application and complete other administrative steps. For more information, see Getting started (with global configurations) for application administrators.