Changing the frequency of link index updates

The Link Index Provider (/ldx) application builds a link index that stores cross-application links between artifacts. You can change how often the index is updated so that team members see the links that they expect without a delay, or to affect system performance.

Before you begin

About this task

The Link Index Provider application detects the data sources shown on the Data Sources page:
  • When you install the GCM application
The first time the index is built might take a while, especially for a large project.

By default, this application polls its data sources every 60 seconds to refresh the link index. The data sources correspond to CLM applications that own links between artifacts. You might refresh the index more often so that team members see the links that they expect without a delay. You might refresh it less often to if the current setting is reducing system performance.


  1. Go to the Link Index Provider application: https://server:port/ldx
  2. Click Manage data sources, and in the Data Source column, click a data source name.
  3. Change the Refresh Rate, and click Save. Typically, you set the same rate for all the data sources.
    Tip: To update the index immediately instead of waiting for the refresh rate to elapse, click Force Update.

What to do next

After the refresh interval elapses, the Link Index Provider application checks the data sources for updates, and updates the link index. CLM applications that do not own links can query the index to build the links to their artifacts, as described in this high-level example. To team members, each application seems to store a link to the other's artifact.

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