Accepting changes from other configurations in the DM application

In a collaborative development environment, you might import changes from another stream or baseline so that you can use them in the stream you work in. To import changes into a stream, you use the Accept Changes operation.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you are logged in to a project.
  • The changes sets to accept were delivered to the flow target (the destination stream for the change sets). You cannot accept open or active change sets from other streams.
  • You must be working in a stream.


Select an option:
  • To accept changes from another stream or baseline into the current project area configuration (shown on the Current Configuration menu in the Configuration Context section):
    1. On the toolbar, click configuration_name > Accept Changes.
    2. Select the configuration to accept the changes from, and complete the steps in the wizard.
  • To accept changes from a stream into a child stream:
    1. From the Administration menu Administration menu, select Manage Configurations.
    2. Click the Streams tab or navigate to other streams by using links in the Details section.
    3. In the Actions column, beside the stream to update, click Actions > Accept changes. This operation accepts the changes from stream that is open in the stream editor.
    4. Complete the steps in the wizard.


The stream now contains the changes that you accepted.

What to do next

To resume working on artifacts in your project, ensure that the Current Configuration menu on the toolbar is set to the configuration that you want to work in. To see links to artifacts in other projects or applications, be sure to select a global configuration. If you do not see the links that you expect to see, contact your configuration administrator or configuration lead.