Integrating EWM and Subversion

IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) provides several ways for teams that use both Subversion and EWM to collaborate.

Subversion is a popular open-source version control tool, available from EWM enables Subversion users to take advantage of EWM and work items to collaborate more effectively when working with a EWM community.
Note: EWM on IBM i integrates with Subversion. However, if you are running Jazz® Team Server on IBM i, integration with these products is provided only as a technical preview. There is no implied support when running the team server on IBM i
Two styles of collaboration are supported:
  • You can import the contents of a Subversion repository to one or more EWM components.
  • If you install a Subversion client for Eclipse into the Eclipse instance that supports EWM, you can link Subversion revisions to work items.
Teams that use EWM and Subversion can use either or both of these capabilities.