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Lesson 2: Flowing changes to different repositories (advanced setup)

In the lesson 1, we enabled the distributed source control property on each server and set role permissions for replicating change sets between repositories. In this video, we configure an advanced distributed source control environment and demonstrate how to maintain links between work items and change sets when delivering across repositories.

About this task

This video illustrates how to do the following tasks:

  • Establish friend relationships between servers.
  • Create associations between project areas.
  • Create a repository workspace from the contents of a stream in a different repository.
  • Associate a change request with a change set. A change request is an Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) term that refers to a work item in a separate repository.
  • Deliver a change set across repositories.
Note: This content was created for a specific release, but also applies to later releases.

This video is hosted on YouTube. You can download this video and others from the multimedia download site. The videos are listed by this naming convention: product_name_folder/product-code_version_title.

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