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Flowing changes to different repositories

This tutorial is a series of lessons in movie format that demonstrate how to use IBM® Engineering Workflow Management to enable distributed source control on two servers and deliver changes between repositories.

With distributed source control, components, change sets, and the initial and most recent baselines are replicated from the source server to destination servers. The change sets and components are identical; they are delivered between servers in the same way that normal flows occur. Change set history is preserved across repositories.

Also, the first time a component flows to a different repository, read access permissions are set to private for the user who copied it, so that other users cannot view the component.

In a typical distributed source control environment, a project area is created on a single Jazz™ Team Server and then copied to other Jazz Team Server. Teams copy projects to other servers for various reasons, such as balancing load, retiring a server, using another server as a proxy (caching changes on other sites when working in a WAN), or controlling access to resources within a component.

Note: Distributed source control is not supported between 3.x and 4.x Jazz Team Servers.

Learning objectives

This tutorial demonstrates the following tasks:
  • Establish friend relationships between servers.
  • Create associations between project areas.
  • Create a repository workspace from the contents of a stream in a different repository.
  • Associate a change request with a change set. A change request is an Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) term that refers to a work item in a separate repository.
  • Deliver a change set across repositories.

Time required

10 minutes

Skill level



This tutorial is designed for team members who use the Engineering Workflow Management.

System requirements

For this tutorial, the following products are installed and configured:
  • Engineering Workflow Management
  • Jazz Team Server


This is a "watch-and-learn" tutorial. There are no prerequisites to viewing this tutorial.
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