Understanding and modifying change flows

For most users, the change flow established when workspaces and streams are created provides a set of flow targets that reflect the team development process and do not need to be changed. You might occasionally need to add, remove, or edit flow targets to enable specific types of collaboration.

About this task

Changes created in resources under Engineering Workflow Management source control flow through the system in ways that reflect the development process for a team. In the typical case, change sets created in a workspace flow to a stream.

You can modify the flow targets of any workspace or stream that you own by using the Repository Workspace Editor or the Stream Editor. The list of incoming and outgoing change sets for a component in a workspace or stream is a function of the flow targets of that workspace or stream. So adding, changing, or editing (scoping) flow targets often results in a new group of change sets displaying in the Incoming and Outgoing folders for the component.

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