Taking workspace snapshots

A snapshot is a permanent record of the contents of a workspace.

About this task

A snapshot records the current baselines of each component in a repository workspace. A snapshot is a repository object that you can use to return your workspace to an earlier configuration (for example, you might want to preserve the workspace configuration that was in place when you released a project for testing). It can also serve as the basis for creating a stream.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, right-click your repository workspace and click New > Snapshot.
  2. Snapshots are numbered automatically. You can enter a name and description for the snapshot in the New Snapshot window. If you want new baselines created even if one already exists, select the Create new baselines option. If you do not want the snapshot to include all of the components in the workspace, click Advanced to edit the list of components to include in the snapshot.
  3. Click OK to create the snapshot.


You can view the history of snapshots for a workspace by right-clicking the workspace in the Pending Changes view and clicking Show > Snapshots.

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