Sharing symbolic links

You can share symbolic links in Engineering Workflow Management source control.

Before you begin

For Windows operating systems, you must have a version that supports symbolic links and have administrator permissions. Other platforms do not require additional permissions to create symbolic links.


  1. From the command prompt, create a symbolic link into a shared Engineering Workflow Management source control component in your sandbox.
  2. In the Pending Changes view, click the Refresh Remote Changes list; then click Refresh Sandbox. The symbolic link is displayed as a pending local change.
  3. Optional: To receive a prompt when a broken symbolic link is checked in to Jazz Source Control:
    1. Click Window > Preferences.
    2. Navigate to Team > Jazz Source Control > Notification Dialogs.
    3. Under Default action after symbolic links have been checked-in with warnings, select an option.
    4. Click Apply.

What to do next

For Windows operating systems, you must have permission to create symbolic links before you launch the Eclipse client, then load or accept symbolic links into a repository workspace. To obtain the necessary permission, complete one of the following steps:

  • Right-click the Eclipse client program (launcher) and click Run as administrator. If the selection is not available, contact your system administrator to provide you with permissions to run programs as an administrator.
  • Contact your system administrator and request the following permissions for your account: Local Security Policy tool, Local Policies, User Rights Assignment, Create symbolic links. After the permissions have been granted, turn your User Account Control off (go to Control Panel > User Account Control and Move the slider to Never notify).

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