Submitting a build request

Perform these steps to request an Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF) build.


  1. In the Engineering Workflow Management Primary Option Menu, enter a 4 on the Option line and press the Enter key. You can filter the build definitions that are displayed by entering a pattern in the Filter field. The list of builds in the currently connected project area are displayed.
  2. On the Builds panel, enter an R next to a build definition to submit a build request of that build.
  3. On the Submit Build Request panel, enter a forward slash (/) next to the Personal Build field to run the build as a personal build. Personal builds do not impact the build definition status, and you specify the workspace where the build runs. Also, personal builds do not accept incoming changes, even if the option to accept incoming changes is enabled in the build definition.
    1. In the Personal Build options panel, enter the details of the repository workspace and the load location to use for the build:
      Repository Workspace
      Accept the repository workspace to use for this build or enter a forward slash (/) to change the workspace.
      Data set prefix
      The prefix under which to allocate new or existing data sets to store loaded zFiles for the build.
      Load Directory
      The directory to store loaded zFiles for the build.
      Perform full minimum load
      Select this option to load all items to your personal build resource that recently changed or that depend on items that changed since the last successful build.
      Note: The Repository workspace, Data set prefix, and Load directory personal build options you select are saved and displayed the next time you request a personal build.
    2. If you are submitting a build definition that is a dependency build, use the Dependency Build options panel to set the following options:
      Build changed items only
      The dependency build analyzes the files in the workspace to identify the changed files and build only those files.
      Preview build
      The preview build shows you the programs that will be built for a standard build request, without building anything or producing build results.
      Build workspace
      The dependency build searches the selected repository workspace to determine which artifacts to build.
      Build selected subset
      The dependency build searches only the selected buildable subset to determine what is being built.
  4. In the Build Properties section of the Submit Build Request panel, enter a forward slash (/) in the area next to a build property to see a menu of actions.
  5. On the Build Property List Actions panel, you can either edit or delete the build property.
    1. To edit the property, enter a 1 in the build property action field and press the Enter key. On the Edit Build Property panel, you can change the name or value of the property. Press the Enter key to confirm the changes to the build property or press F3 or F12 to cancel the changes and exit the Edit Build Property panel.
    2. To delete the property, enter a 2 in the build property action field. Press the Enter key to delete the build property or press F3 or F12 to cancel the deletion and exit the Build Property List Actions panel.

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