Submitting changes for review

To submit a completed change set for review by other team members, associate it with a work item and specify team members to review it.

About this task

Many teams use work items and team process to constrain operations such as deliver. (For more information, see Using work items and team process with Engineering Workflow Management source control.) For example, you might have to have your changes reviewed and approved before you can deliver them to certain streams. Because a change set that is associated with a work item can be easily examined or accepted into a workspace, work items provide an efficient way to circulate change sets for review, and for recording review comments and related actions such as approval, rejection, or revision.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, right-click the change set and click Submit for Review.
    Note: The action is only enabled if the workspace is currently collaborating with a stream.
  2. If you have not associated a work item with the change set, the Submit Change sets for Review window prompts you to do so. For more information, see Associating change sets with work items.
  3. To suspend the change set while you await responses from reviewers, select Suspend change sets.
    1. Enter a brief comment to be added to the work item.
    2. Click Add to add reviewers. In the Select one or more contributors field, enter a text string to search for the name of a reviewer. Select the reviewer in the Matching items field, and click OK.
    3. When you have finished adding reviewers, click Finish.

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