Editing workspaces or streams

You can use the web client to edit workspaces or streams.


  1. On the Welcome to Source Control page, navigate to the stream or repository workspace that you want to edit.
    Edit stream or workspace
  2. Click in the name of the stream or workspace to edit the name:
    Edit workspace or stream name
  3. In the Details section,
    1. In the Details field, click the edit icon Edit icon to select a new owner.
    2. In the Owned by field, click the edit icon Edit icon to select a new owner.
    3. In the Visibility field, click the edit icon Edit icon to change the visibility to
      • Public
      • Private
      • Project Area
      • Access Group
    4. In the Description field, type a new description of the workspace or stream.
  4. In the Components section, click New to create a new component, or Add to add an existing component. You can add a component from:
    • Component baseline
    • Component in another repository workspace
    • Component from a snapshot
  5. In the Flow Targets section, click Add to add a flow target. Under the Current Flow field, and under the Default Flow fields, you can change the flow by clicking in the field beside your new flow target. ,Under the Actions field, you can scope the flow target of a component or you can delete a flow target.
  6. If you are editing a Stream, in the Auto-lock files field, you can list the extensions of the type of files you want to be automatically locked.
  7. Click Save.