Viewing the change history of files in Advanced mode

You can view all of the changes that were made to a file. The change history of the file is an ordered list of change sets.


To view the change history of a file, in a Windows Explorer window, in your sandbox, right-click the file; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Show History. The History window opens and displays the change history. If a file was merged, a graphical merge history is displayed in the Merges column.

What to do next

You can complete several operations on the change set. The following operations are supported:

  • Open File: Opens the file that is available in the change-set.
  • Open Change set: Opens the change set in a web browser.
  • Load: Loads the files that are associated to the change set in your workspace.
  • Discard: Discards the change set.
  • Compare with Local: Compares the selected file with its local version.
  • Reverse: Reverses the changes that were made in the change set.
  • Compare with Previous: Compares the selected version of the file with its immediate predecessor.
  • Associate Work Item: Associates a work item with the change set.
  • Remove Work Item: Removes a work item that is associated with the change set.
  • Open work items: Opens work items that are associated to the change set.
  • Accept: Accepts the change set, if it is not already accepted.

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