Undoing changes in Advanced mode

If you change a file or folder and then want to remove the change, you can undo the change.

Before you begin

The files or folders that contain the changes that you want to undo must be in the Unresolved or Outgoing state.


  1. In Pending Changes view, in the Unresolved or Outgoing folders, navigate to the file or folder that contains the change to undo.
  2. To undo the changes, right-click the file or folder and then click Undo. Alternatively, you can undo all unresolved changes by right-clicking the Unresolved folder and then clicking Undo.
  3. Click Yes.
    Tip: To undo changes from a Windows Explorer window, navigate to the changes in your sandbox. Right-click the changes; then click Engineering Workflow Management > Undo.

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