Setting additional preferences in Advanced mode

You can set the logging level, default sandbox, and other preferences for the Engineering Workflow Management Shell.


In the Engineering Workflow Management Shell – Advanced mode window, click Manage Preferences > Other Preferences.

What to do next

The table below describes various preferences.

Preference Description
Show Engineering Workflow Management overlays on files and folders If you do not select this option, no visual cues depict the state of files and folders.
At startup, automatically track the sandbox from the last session If this option is selected, the sandbox that you used in your last session is automatically set to your current sandbox in this Windows Explorer session. This option lengthens the time it takes to start Engineering Workflow Management Shell.
Prompt for a comment during check-in If this option is selected, when you check in changes, Engineering Workflow Management prompts you for a descriptive comment. You can continue to work after you add the check-in comment. You are not prompted for subsequent check-ins to the same change set. You can edit the comment that you entered at any time by using the Edit Check-in Comment menu option.
During change set delivery, always associate a work item with the change set When you deliver a change set, if you have not associated a work item with the change set, Engineering Workflow Management opens a selection window and prompts you to associate one or more work items with the change set.
Check in changes before accepting incoming changes If you select this option, Engineering Workflow Management automatically check ins your changes when you choose to accept incoming changes. This way, your local changes are not at risk of being overwritten. If you do not select this option, the tool prompts you to check in your local changes when you accept incoming changes, but does not check them in for you automatically.
Prompt user to deliver changes during a share operation Typically, a share operation checks in your changes but does not deliver them automatically. However, if you select this option, your changes are delivered and are visible to your team after you perform a Share operation.
Warn users if more files will get delivered or accepted, than what they have selected during an operation If you select this option, you are warned when you accept or deliver more files and folders than what you have selected. For example, if you make several changes to files and folders that are shared against the same component, they are all checked in to the same change set. If you click one of those files and folders now, and select to Deliver, you additionally deliver all the other files and folders in the change set. Similarly, if you accept a file, and the change set that the file belongs to has additional files and folders, you additionally accept all those changes.
Display Language Set the display language, which is independent of the operation system language.

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