Modifying workspace flow targets in Advanced mode

A flow target is the target area into which delivered changes flow. The flow target for a stream or repository workspace can be another stream or workspace. When you create a repository workspace from a stream, that stream becomes the default flow target. When you create a repository workspace from the My Source Control > All Repository Workspaces area, you can select a stream as the flow target by clicking Flow with a stream.

Before you begin

Before changing the flow target, you must create a repository workspace.

About this task

You can change the flow target for a repository workspace at any time. You can specify different flow targets for each component.


  1. In the Pending Changes window, right-click the repository workspace; then click Change Flow Target.
  2. In the Select a Stream or Workspace window, select the type of flow target to search for. If the flow target is not listed, type the name of a stream or workspace. You can also type the name of the owner to view a list of streams or workspaces that are associated with that owner.
  3. From the Matching items list, select a stream or workspace.
  4. Optional: To set this stream or workspace as the default flow target, select Set as Default Flow Target.
  5. Click OK.
    Note: You can also change the flow target for a loaded repository workspace or component from the Artifacts view. Right-click the repository workspace or component; then click Change Flow Target.

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