Enabling automatic check ins in Advanced mode

By default, in Engineering Workflow Management source control, you must check in your work manually. You can change the default behavior so that your work is automatically checked in when you save a file, or based on other criteria.

About this task

Changes that you make in your sandbox accumulate in a change set every time you check in a file or folder. If you enable automatic check-in, every time you save a file or change the contents of a folder by adding or removing files or subfolders, your change is copied to the repository workspace and becomes part of the current change set. This behavior ensures that all local changes are backed up to the repository as soon as they are made.


  1. Click Manage Preferences > Check-In Policies.
  2. On the Check-in Policies page, enable the type of check-in to use:
    • To enable automatic check-in, select Auto check-in local changes.
    • To ensure that a specified number of files are checked in if errors exist, select Allow partial check-in (if there are errors), and specify the number of files to check in.
  3. Click Save.

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