Refreshing changes in Basic mode

You can update changes to files or folders in your work area by refreshing the source control status of an item. You can also refresh a work area. When you refresh changes in Windows Explorer, the icons of source control items are also updated if changes exist. Even if you do not explicitly refresh your changes, Engineering Workflow Management refreshes your work area at regular intervals.


  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to a file or folder in your work area that you want to update with the latest version in the repository.
  2. Right-click the file or folder; then click Rational Team Concert > Refresh.
  3. Optional: To refresh a work area; right click the work area folder; then click Rational Team Concert > Refresh Work Area.
    Tip: To refresh a work area using the Engineering Workflow Management Shell tray icon, right-click the icon; then click Manage Current Sandbox > Refresh.
  4. Optional: To reload a work area that is out-of-synch with the server, right-click the Rational Team Concert Shell icon in the notification area; then click Manage Current Work Area > Reload.
  5. Optional: To repair sandbox metadata, right-click the Engineering Workflow ManagementShell tray icon; then click Manage Current Sandbox > Repair.

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