Connecting to repositories and project areas

To access project areas, you must create a connection from the client to a repository. Your Jazz™ administrator must supply the information that you need to access the repository.

Before you begin

Make sure that your Jazz administrator created a repository and a project area.

You need the following information to connect to a repository:
  • The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for a repository. Typically, this address is in the form of, where you must substitute your own fully qualified host name and port number. Secure servers are only supported and require the https:// protocol. The repository is created by a Jazz administrator, who must make the repository available on a local or network server.
  • A user ID and password for the repository. Jazz administrators create team member credentials are created on the web server and in team areas. Your administrator can configure the repository for user authentication in an LDAP directory.
To use Smart Card authentication, you must enable the IBM Common Access Card (CAC) provider within Java by editing the install-directory/3rd Party/jre/lib/security/ file. Replace this section:
with this section:


  1. In the Team Concert MSSCCI Control Panel window, click Create Repository Connection.
  2. In Create a Jazz Repository Connection window, enter a Location URI. For example: The value of the location name defaults to the server host name. If necessary, you can modify the name.
  3. In the Authentication section, type the user name and password that your Jazz administrator provided.
  4. Optional: To authenticate using Kerberos/SPNEGO, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Authentication Type field, select Kerberos/SPNEGO. If the client is configured with krb5.ini or krb5.conf in a default location, click Finish. Otherwise, set additional configuration options.
    2. To specify a Kerberos configuration file, expand Additional configuration options. In the Kerberos configuration file field, browse to the location of the file. The file can have any name.
    3. To specify a Kerberos realm name, host, and (optional) key distribution center port, complete the appropriate configuration fields.
    4. Click Finish.
    Note: The Kerberos realm, Key distribution center, and Kerberos configuration file properties map to the,, and system properties, respectively. For more information, see Jazz client configuration. The configuration option properties are global for your client, so if you have multiple repository connections, these properties are automatically shared. Changing the properties in one connection automatically changes them in any other Kerberos/SPNEGO connection. To apply a change to a configuration option that is already set, restart Team Concert MSSCCI provider and any application that is using the client.
  5. Click OK.

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