Configuring MSSCCI as the source control provider

Configure MSSCCI, so that it is the current source control provider for an IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody® project.


  1. In the Windows registry, make sure that the RTC-MSSCCI provider is the current source control provider. Set the key value to ProviderRegKey REG_SZ Software\IBM\JazzMsScciProvider.
    • On Win32 systems, the registry key is HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\InstalledSCCProviders\ProviderRegKey
    • On Windows 7 64 bit systems, the registry key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SourceCodeControlProvider
  2. Set the configuration management project property:
    1. Open a IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody project.
    2. Click File > Project Properties.
    3. In the Project window, click the Properties tab.
    4. In the View field in the top-left corner, select View All.
    5. In the ConfigurationManagement pane, under General, set UseSCCtool to Yes.
    6. Optional: UnderSCC, to be prompted before performing an action, set RenameActivation, DeleteActivation, and MoveActivation to UserConfirmation.
    7. Optional: To view the configuration management status, select ShowCMStatus.
    8. Optional: To refresh the configuration management status when a project is open, set RefreshCMStatusAtProjectOpenup to Ask User or Yes.
    9. Click OK.

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