Using work items and team process with Rational Team Concert source control

Rational Team Concert™ source control is integrated with the Team Process and Work Items components of the Jazz™ technology platform. Various Rational Team Concert source control operations, especially for delivering change sets, interact with one or both of these components.

About this task

The Jazz technology platform includes a Team Process component that provides team leaders with a set of mechanisms that they can use to control how team members interact when they modify team artifacts. It also includes a Work Items component that provides a generalized mechanism for assigning work and tracking it through the system. Because Rational Team Concert source control enables team members to modify shared resources such as components and streams, it is integrated with the Team Process component to provide constraints and guidance for change flow. It is also integrated with the Work Items component to link change sets with activities such as feature development or defect fixing, and to provide a narrative context that accompanies the change set as it flows through the system.

For more information about work items, see Tracking work by using work items. For more information about team process, see Administering change and configuration management projects.

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