Creating new repository workspaces from streams

Create a workspace from a stream when you join a team, or any time you want to work with the specific configuration of component baselines that the stream contains.

About this task

While you can create a repository workspace by adding projects in an Eclipse workspace to Engineering Workflow Management (see Adding projects to repositories), it is more common in the team environment to create a workspace based on an existing configuration preserved in a stream that includes the components that the team works on.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand your project area and navigate to the stream that you want to use.
  2. Right-click the stream; then click New repository workspace.
  3. In the New Repository Workspace wizard, on the New Repository Workspace page, provide a name and description for the workspace. The name and description are visible to all team members when they search for repository workspaces.
  4. Click Next
  5. On the Select repository page, to create the repository workspace on different repository, click Use another repository and select the repository from the list.
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Read Access Permission page, select who must have read access to the repository workspace and click Next.
  8. On the Components to Add page, you can edit the list of components to be added to the new repository workspace or defer loading the local Eclipse workspace when the new repository workspace is created.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Optional: To configure the default name and visibility that displays in the New Repository Workspace wizard when you create a repository workspace from a stream:
    1. Open the project area editor and click the Process Configuration tab.
    2. Go to Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Source Control and click New Workspace Configuration.
      Note: To change the default name and visibility from the web client, go to the application administration page and navigate to the project area. In the left pane, expand Source Control and click New Workspace Configuration.
    3. Use the variable ${stream-name} for the stream name and ${user-id} for the user id.
    4. Select the default visibility as Private, Public, or Project.
    5. Save the changes.

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