Viewing the change history of files or folders

The History view of a file or folder lists all of the change sets, one per line, that include the file or folder. You can open any of these change sets in the Change Summary view to see more about the items in the change set. When you explore the history of a file, you can also use the Check-in History pane to view each checked-in version of the file.

About this task

Every file or folder in a repository is displayed in one or more change sets. The change history of a file or folder is shown in an ordered list of change sets in which the file or folder is displayed. The folder history includes changes to the folder, as well as changes to any files and folders contained in the folder's subtree. If content was moved out of the folder or deleted from the folder at some point in the past, the history before the move or delete is included in the folder's history.


  1. Use one of the following methods to select the file or folder whose history you want to view:
    • In the Eclipse Navigator view (or any Eclipse view that supports Team operations), right-click the file or folder and click Team > Show History.
    • In the Pending Changes view, right-click a component or workspace that includes the file or folder and click Show Repository Files to open a Repository Files view that lists all of the projects in the selected component or workspace. Right-click a file or folder in the project and click Show History.
    • In the Change Explorer view, open a change set, right-click a file or folder in the change set, and select Show History.
    Change sets that include the file or folder are listed in descending order, with the oldest change set at the bottom of the list. If a version of the file is loaded into your Eclipse workspace, the change set that includes the file is displayed in bold. Move your mouse pointer over a change set to see more information about the change set. If the file was merged, a graphical merge history is displayed in the Merges column.
    Note: When you view the history of a file that has a conflict, the common ancestor and the two end states for the conflict are highlighted in the History view so that you can see the branch point and what changes are in conflict.
  2. Optional: View the check-in history of a file:
    1. In the History view, in the upper-right corner, click the View Menu icon and select Show Check-in History.
    2. To view more options about working with a file version, right-click that version.
      Attention: If you delete a file version from the Check-in History pane, you cannot recover the file version from the repository.
  3. Optional: Right-click a change set and select one of the following actions:
    • Open With > Change Summary: Opens the change set in the Change Summary view.
    • Open File: Opens the version of the file that is in the selected change set.
    • Annotate: Opens an annotated view of the version of the file that is in the selected change set. For more information, see Viewing annotations.
    • Locate Change Set: Opens the Locate Change Set window in which you can find other instances of this change set in the repository. For more information, see Locating change sets.
    • Load: Loads the version of the file in the selected change set into your Eclipse workspace. If the file is already in your Eclipse workspace, you are prompted to confirm that it can be overwritten.
    If you select multiple change sets, some operations are disabled.