Creating and managing change sets

Checking in any file or folder in a component adds it to the current change set for the component and copies the change to your repository workspace. By default, all changes to a component accumulate in its current change set. You can create new change sets, designate one of them current, move items from one change set to another, and remove change sets temporarily or permanently from your workspace.

About this task

Change sets are visible in the Pending Changes view. This view lists all of your loaded repository workspaces. A message in this view displays how many change sets are pending, and what kind they are.


  • To show each change set, click the Expand to show change sets icon icon in the toolbar.
  • To accept all incoming changes, click the Accept all change sets icon icon in the toolbar.
    Note: Because the pending set of incoming changes for a workspace can affect the pending set of outgoing changes, especially when a component has more than one flow target, accepting incoming changes before delivering outgoing ones makes more efficient use of Engineering Workflow Management source control change flow.
  • To deliver all outgoing changes, click the Deliver all change sets icon icon in the toolbar.
  • To check in all pending local changes, click the Check in pending local changes icon icon in the toolbar.