Organizing projects into components and streams

Engineering Workflow Management source control supports an organizational model in which projects are grouped into components and components can be grouped into streams.

About this task

In Engineering Workflow Management source control, the fundamental organizational unit for source code is the component. A component typically contains at least one Eclipse project, and usually contains several. Most of the operations that manipulate files and folders, such as loading, unloading, and adding to a workspace, are expressed in terms of components. While you can initiate many of these operations on individual files or folders, the files and folders themselves exist in the repository as part of a component.

You can split large projects into several smaller components to reuse code between streams and workspaces and to make it easier to build subsets of a system. When you create a component, you can put related projects together (for example, components that are built together or form a subsystem). If you must, you can move projects from one component to another, or refactor a single component into multiple components.

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