Creating stream queries

You can organize Jazz™ streams into folders. You can create, rename, move, and delete folders that contain streams

Before you begin

You must have Save Query permission. To set this permission, open your project area, and select Process Configuration, and then select Permissions. In the Roles field, select the role you want to assign permissions to, and in the Permitted actions field, select Source Control > Save Query (server), and click Save.
Artifact folder management permission


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project folder, and Source Control folder. You can see three folders under the Source Control folder: All Components, All Streams, and All Source Control Queries:
    source control folders
  2. To create a source control query:
    1. Right-click the Source Control folder; then click Repository Workspace and Stream Query....
    2. Create a new query:
      1. In the Name, field, type a name for your query.
      2. In the Repository, field, select which repository you want to search.
      3. In the Name or pattern field, field, type a name or pattern that you want to search for.
      4. In the Owned by, field, select the owner of the streams that you want to search for.
      5. In the Search for, field, select Streams
    3. Click Save to save you query and click Run, to run the query.

      Your query now appears under the All Source Control Queries folder.

  3. To move a stream query, drag the item to the destination folder. Note that the stream still remains in the All Source Control Queries folder.
  4. To delete a stream query, right-click the query; then click Delete.

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