Specifying a source code data scanner

Specify a data scanner to scan source code associated with a given language definition.

Before you begin

Before you complete this task, make sure that you have provided all the information that is required on the General tab in the Language Definition editor. You must do this before you can save your source code data scanner specifications.


  1. From the Team Artifacts view, expand your project area node, then expand the following nodes: Enterprise Extensions > System Definitions > z/OS or IBM i.
  2. Right-click the Language Definitions node and select New Language Definition.
    The Language Definition editor opens.
  3. Select the Scanners tab.
    The Scanners tab opens.
  4. In the Source Code Scanners box, either confirm that the default System z® or IBM® i scanner is listed in the choices box or, if you want to specify a different scanner, click Add.
    If you have more than one scanner listed, you can prioritize them by clicking Move Up or Move Down. Click Remove to remove one.
  5. In the Dependency Types box, specify the dependency types supported by this language definition.
    You can modify, add, or remove dependency types by clicking either Add, Edit, Remove, or Add All, depending on your needs.
  6. In the Dependency Types box, specify the translators that resolve each dependency type.
  7. Click Save.