Assigning a language definition to a resource

You can associate any of your resources, like source files or a project, with language definitions. When you associate a source code data scanner with a language definition, it tells the source code data collection service which scanner to use for which files.

About this task


  1. From the main menu, select Window > Open Perspective > Other > Resource, then click OK.
    The Resource perspective opens.
  2. In the Project Explorer section, right-click a COBOL file (.cbl) and select Enterprise Extensions > Assign a Language Definition.
    The Assign a Language Definition wizard opens.
    • You do not have to choose a COBOL file. You can choose any file or resource to which you want to assign a language definition.
    • You can also assign a language definition to a project, or to several resources at the same time.
  3. Optional: If you want to include or exclude files with a particular pattern of file names, in the Select files section, click Apply to all files that match. In the Includes and Excludes fields, you can specify an exact file name, or use patterns for file names to include or exclude groups of files that fit the pattern.
  4. Select the language definition that is appropriate for the files you selected; for example, if you selected a main COBOL program file in step 2, choose a language definition used for COBOL Compilation from the list of language definitions in the Assign a Language Definition wizard.
  5. Click Finish.