Viewing the operation history of components

In addition to viewing the history of a component as a list of change sets, you can also view the list of operations that are performed on that component.

About this task

As changes are made to a component in a workspace or stream, a record of the changes is maintained. The operation history of the component shows the operations that were performed on that component over time.


  1. Select the component in a repository workspace or stream. Components are listed by name, in alphabetical order. Workspaces and streams are listed in the Team Artifacts view. Workspaces are also listed in the Pending Changes view. You can view or edit the history of a component in either a workspace or a stream, but more editing options are available for a component in a workspace.
  2. Right-click the component and click Show > Operation History to view the list of operations that were performed. Any operation that is performed on the stream or workspace that affected the select component is shown with an operation summary, the user who performed the operation, and the date.
  3. Expand the operation summary to view details, such as change sets or baselines that are added or removed from the component.
  4. Right-click on an operation to view more options.

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