Creating duplicate workspaces from a point in time

You can create a repository workspace that is identical to a workspace or stream as it existed at a previous point in time.

About this task

When you create a duplicate workspace from a previous point in time, it contains the same components, baselines, and change sets that the existing workspace or stream contained at that particular point. If the existing workspace had active change sets, then new active change sets are created that match those change sets as they were then.


  1. Open the workspace Operation History view by selecting the workspace or stream in the Manage Artifacts view or Pending Changes view and clicking Operation History.
  2. In the Operation History view, select the operation at the particular time that you want to duplicate. Right-click and click Create Repository Workspace....
  3. A prompt appears to set the name for the new workspace. Enter the name and click OK to continue, or Cancel to stop the operation.
  4. A new repository workspace is created. The Manage Artifacts view is updated to track the new workspace.

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