Reloading the repository workspace

If you want to update the contents of your workspace, you can reload the workspace with the current contents on the server.

Before you begin

Before reloading a repository workspace, ensure that all of the unresolved changes are checked in. If not, any local changes are lost when the workspace is reloaded.

About this task

When all local changes are checked in, your local and repository workspaces normally have identical content. Network failures or canceled operations can lead to differences in this content. You can resolve these differences by reloading the workspace. If the workspace contains changes that are not checked in, they can be overwritten when the workspace is reloaded.


  1. On the Repository Workspaces panel, enter an R next to the workspace to reload and press the Enter key.
  2. In the Confirm Reload panel, press the Enter key to confirm reloading of the files to the workspace. Press F3 to cancel the reloading of the workspace and exit the Confirm Reload panel.

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