Specifying current change sets

A repository workspace can contain many active change sets but only one current change set. By default, the current change set accumulates all changes that you check in.

About this task

If you have more than one active change set in a workspace, one of them is identified as the current change set (the one in which all check-ins accumulate by default). You can specify a different change set as current. For example, you can resolve a defect immediately and deliver that change to the team without affecting another change set that you are working on.

Note: A file or folder in a component cannot be part of more than one active change set. When a file or folder is included in an active change set, all changes to it become part of that change set whether or not the change set is current, and changes to that file or folder cannot be explicitly checked in to a new change set until the active change set that includes it is completed.


  1. If the change set is not visible in the Pending Changes view, click the Expand to Change sets toolbar icon Expand to show change sets icon.
  2. Right-click the change set and click Set Current.


An icon overlay (Current overlay) indicates which change set is current.