Specifying file properties and line delimiter types for the source control command-line interface

If you use the source control command-line interface (CLI) to share a project or check in a file, you can use a magic file to change the default mapping between the file name extensions and the line delimiter types.

About this task

If the CLI does not recognize a file type, it is treated as a binary file. The CLI does not automatically convert the line terminator characters between different styles for binary files. For example, the CLI does not convert the characters between Windows and UNIX styles. Also, the CLI does not attempt to automatically resolve merge conflicts in the file contents when the file is binary.


  1. Create a magic.properties file:
    • On UNIX or Linux®, this file resides in home_directory/.jazz-scm/.
    • On Windows, this file resides in LOCALAPPDATA\jazz-scm\. For Windows 7, LOCALAPPDATA defaults to C:\Users\userid\AppData\Local.
    Note: If you save the magic.properties file to an alternate directory instead of your home directory, you can specify that it be read from this alternate directory by setting the environment variable SCM_CONFIG_DIRECTORY. Set it to the full path of the jazz-scm directory. For example, C:\temp\jazz-scm.
  2. Edit the magic.properties file.
    1. Example 1: *.txt: delim: lf
    2. Example 2: *: delim: platform
    3. Example 3: *.go: mime: text/plain; delim: platform; encoding: UTF-8; respectcase:true
    • mime indicates the MIME type of file names that match the specified pattern.
    • encoding sets the encoding for file names that match the specified pattern.
    • respectcase controls the case sensitivity of the pattern.
    • delim sets the delimiters for file names that match the specified pattern. The delim keyword can have any one of the following values:
      • lf indicates that line feeds (ASCII 0x0a) are new lines in the file.
      • cr indicates that carriage returns (ASCII 0x0d) are new lines in the file.
      • crlf indicates that carriage-return/line-feed pairs are considered new lines in the file.
      • platform indicates that Engineering Workflow Management should use the platform-specific character to denote new lines.
      • none indicates that no new line conversion occurs.
  3. Optional: If you run the scm checkin or scm share commands, the new files are added to Engineering Workflow Management source control and use the delimiter type that is identified by the magic file.
  4. To change the encoding for files that are checked in from the CLI or Engineering Workflow Management Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, run scm set property. Run this command for cases where the encoding of files needs more control than the magic.properties file provides. Example: scm set property file.encoding UTF-8 path/to/file.
    • file.encoding: When set to an encoding, this property indicates that the specified encoding is the encoding for that file instead of the encoding from the magic.properties file.
    • preserve.file.encoding: When set to true, this property indicates that the file encoding remains the same, regardless of what encoding is specified in the magic.properties file.
    Note: Check-ins from the Eclipse client use the encoding that is configured in the Eclipse resource model, and changes made in the web client use the encoding that is specified through the web client.