Associating change requests with change sets

You can associate a change set with change requests in different repositories by creating a link that uses the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specification. A change request is an OSLC term that refers to a work item that is in a separate repository.

Before you begin

You must configure the Engineering Workflow Management Jazz™ Team Servers that host the repositories to communicate with each other. You must also link the Engineering Workflow Management project areas. For more information, see Enabling Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration.

About this task

Links between change sets and change requests that are in a different repository are similar to links between work items and change sets that are in the same repository. However, there are differences in terminology and available capabilities:

  • In the Locate Change Set editor, you can view change sets that are grouped under related work items. However, the editor does not recognize change request links, so opening the editor on a group of change sets does not show any associated change requests. Also, opening the editor from a work item shows only the change sets that are in the same repository as the selected work item. For more information, see Locating change sets.
  • Team process preconditions for Engineering Workflow Management source control do not recognize change requests. For example, requiring approvals on work items to deliver attached change sets works only for work item links and not for change request links. For more information, see Team process preconditions for Engineering Workflow Management source control.
  • When your Current Work is set to a work item, the work item is only associated with change sets that are checked in to the same repository as the work item. The Current Work workflow does not attach change requests to change sets that are checked in to a different repository. For more information, see Working on work items.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, right-click the change set; then click Related Artifacts > Associate Change Request.
  2. In the Add Link: Change Request window, select the project area where the remote change request is stored. If you are prompted to authenticate, log in using your credentials for the remote repository's server, which is displayed in the Authorization Required window.
  3. Click Link to existing and select Change Request. If the change request you want to link to does not exist yet, you can select Create new and create a new change request in the project you selected, then link to it.
  4. Click OK. The window opens, with the remote Project Area name pre-populated
  5. Find and select the change request that you want to link to.
  6. Click OK.

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