Discarding change sets from workspaces

To remove a change set from your workspace, you can discard it. If you discard a change set from your workspace, you can also discard it from the stream the workspace flows to.

About this task

If you have accepted a change set but decide later that you do not want it in your workspace, you can discard it and return the change set to the Incoming folder for the component.

You can also discard a change set that you created but have not yet delivered. Discarded change sets of this type remain in repository but are not placed in any special folder. To make it easier to retrieve a discarded change set that does not exist in any other stream or workspace, you can associate it with a work item before you discard it and then accept it from the work item later. You can also search for change sets by using the Engineering Workflow Management source control search tool. For more information, see Searching for repository objects.


  1. In the Pending Changes view, navigate to the component that contains the change set you want to discard.
    • If the change set is in an Outgoing folder, right-click it and click Discard.
    • If you have already accepted the change set, you must find it in the change history for the component before you can discard it. Right-click the component and click Show History to open the History view. In the History view, right-click the change set and click Discard.
    You are asked whether you want to discard the change set or suspend it so that you can use it later. For more information, see Suspending change sets
  2. Click OK to discard the change set. The discarded change set is completed and removed from your Eclipse workspace. If it exists in any of the flow targets for the workspace, it is moved to the Incoming folder for the component. Otherwise, it remains in the repository, but is not listed in any folder.
  3. Optional: To discard a change set from the stream that the workspace flows to, complete the following steps:
    1. Select the component that contains the discard and right-click; then click Replace in Stream Name.
    2. In the Confirm Replace dialog box, click Yes.
    The stream contents for that component match what is in your workspace. Other users that have a workspace that contains the discarded change set sees the change set as an outgoing change from their workspace, but there is also an Incoming folder that indicates that a replacement has taken place. If they accept the incoming change, the change set is discarded from their workspace.

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