Creating duplicate workspaces

You can create a repository workspace that is identical to an existing workspace.

About this task

When you create a duplicate workspace, it contains the same components, baselines, and change sets as the existing workspace. It also has the same flow targets. You might want to create a duplicate workspace to use for experimental work, or to temporarily preserve a configuration that you want to return to after you make more changes in your primary workspace.


  1. Complete, deliver, or suspend and active change sets in the workspace. If you do not, they are completed when the workspace is duplicated.
  2. In the Team Artifacts view, right-click the repository workspace and click Duplicate. If you have active change sets, a message warns you that they will be marked complete if you continue. Click OK to continue or Cancel to stop the operation.
  3. In the Repository Workspace editor, enter a name for the new workspace. Make any other changes. Click Save.


The new repository workspace is displayed in the Team Artifacts and Pending Changes views.

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