Creating component baselines

A baseline records the current configuration of a component in a repository workspace or stream.

About this task

A baseline is a repository object that records the state of a component at a specific time. Every component has at least one baseline, which was created when the component was created. To view the history of baselines for a component, right-click the component and click Show Baselines.

You can deliver a baseline to a workspace flow target to denote that a group of related change sets is complete. Use them any time that you want to propagate the current state of projects in the component to one or more flow targets. You can configure your repository workspace to use another version of a component (an experimental one, or perhaps one that is known to be stable) by replacing the component with one of its other baselines. You can also use baselines to populate new repository workspaces or streams.


  1. Right-click the component that you want to create a baseline for and click New > Baseline.
  2. Click Details to see the list of existing baselines for the component. Enter a name for the baseline and a brief description. You might want to use a naming convention so that all baseline names have a similar construction that conveys some meaning to users. Engineering Workflow Management source control adds a number to the start of the baseline name. You can use any UTF-8 characters to create baseline or component names. By default, baseline names do not have to be unique. You can, however, change the server settings so that baseline names must be unique within a component. To set the advanced server property Require baseline names to be unique within a component:
    1. Open your server administration page, and select Manage server. On the Server Administration page, under the Configuration section, select Advanced properties. For detailed information about server administration, see Configuring advanced properties
    2. Select Require baseline names to be unique within a component, and, under the Current Value field, select True. Click Save.

  3. Click OK to create the baseline.


The new baseline is created and added to the list of existing baselines for the component. The baseline name is displayed in the Outgoing folder of the component. Delivering the baseline updates the current flow target with the current state of the component.

If you deliver or accept multiple baselines in one action, only the most recent baseline appears in the target stream or workspace. To deliver or accept all of the baselines into the target stream or workspace, deliver or accept each baseline sequentially.

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