Configuring search synonyms

You can set search synonyms in individual search configurations for common words in project files.

About this task

You can define synonyms for words commonly found in project files for the search index that you configure. When you save your synonyms on the Synonyms tab, they become the configuration default synonyms.


  1. In the Team Artifacts view, expand the project area node, the Enterprise Extensions node, and then the Context-Aware Search node.
  2. Double-click the Configuration node to open the search configuration editor.
    The name of the project from which you expanded the Configuration node is already indicated in the Project Area name field.
  3. On the Synonyms tab, the synonyms are the default for this search configuration, but you can override the default synonyms for specific components when you configure the search index. Click Add to add synonyms for words that are used at a component level when you create the search index. Click Remove, Edit, or Remove All to modify configuration synonyms. If you click Load Default, the synonyms used are those defined in the Engineering Workflow Management plug-ins, and you cannot modify them. You can also Import synonyms from a file on your file system, or Export synonyms to a file.
    Note: If you click Edit/View Synonyms on the Index tab, and select Use Configuration Default on the Synonyms dialog, the system default synonyms are used at the component level during indexing.