Working with the code review tool

The Code Review tool is a web-based review tool that integrates with Rational Team Concert™ source control and work items. The tool provides a code review presentation that you can attach to a work item type. The procedure in this topic illustrates a typical code review workflow, which involves an author and reviewers.
You configured code review for a project area and set any related process preconditions.
  1. As an author, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a change set, complete the change set using a Rational Team Concert rich client, and associate it with a work item.
      Note: To start a code review, one or more change sets must be associated with a work item, at least one change set must be complete, and the target stream must be specified.
      Note: You can extract work items - typically for those issues that will not be resolved in the current review cycle.
    2. In the web client, open the work item and click the Approvals tab.
    3. Assign a target stream to the code review summary, so that the code review can resolve paths to the files that are delivered.
    4. Create one or more approvals of type Review and assign them to reviewers.
  2. Reviewers view the code and create issues for items that can be improved. Issues that prevent a reviewer from approving are marked as must-fix, indicating that the reviewer wants to block the delivery of the change sets until the issues are resolved.
    Note: To review intermediate change sets, reviewers can use a drop-down selection that is located above the compare panel in code review to select the file versions they want to compare. For example, this action can be useful when you review change sets with gaps. Users can compare intermediate before and after states of files.
    Note: You must be a member of the JazzAdmins group to delete an issue.
  3. As an author, complete the following steps:
    1. Fix the issues and associate the new change set with the work item.
      Note: The author resolves issues.
      Note: You can dispute an issue by commenting in the issue editor.
    2. After you receive all work item approvals from reviewers who are satisfied with the code review and all must-fix flags are resolved, deliver the change sets to the target stream.