Collecting load module information

During a z/OS® dependency build with Link-edit selected and after the z/OS binder runs, the link-edit parser starts to collect dependency information from the generated program object, which must be stored in a partitioned data set extended (PDSE). Collected dependency information is used in z/OS dependency build processing. For example, if a subprogram is statically linked to the main program, a change to a subprogram results in re-linking of the main program.

Before you begin

The load module scanner support is activated when you have checked the Link-edit: Perform load module dependency scanning box.
  • You need to have a SYSUT1 or RTCPRINT DD allocated for the link edit parser program (BLZLKEPS) to gather information.
  • The post-link-edit parser module is stored in the SBLZLOAD library. The STEPLIB environment variable that is defined in the script must include the fully qualified name of the SBLZLOAD library.
  • In the link-edit step a SYSLIB DD needs to be defined that contains the object decks, even if the actual link-edit uses some other non-SYSLIB INCLUDE libraries.
  • The process extracts the object references from the load module and tries to find a match in the SYSLIB. Matches are found under one of the following circumstances:
    • The object does not match with any data set that is specified in the optional build property
    • The object is not contained in a data set definition of the existing data set used for build type.
    • The object has the ISPF stats (or a valid SSI for a NCAL load module).

To exclude a certain object from the build map, you can specify the optional property. Specify the value of this property with the list of data sets that you want to exclude, each separated with a comma. Wildcard is supported.

The SYSLIB is not used in a regular build. However, in a simulation build, you can optionally use the SYSLIB as a search path to find an object in another data set. To do so, specify a build property and set its value to true.

Dependency build logic will build the main program when the subprogram changes only if the called object is defined as an output in its translator.

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