show conflicts example

show conflicts example.


Working in a sandbox, you have accept a change set that conflicts with a file in your workspace, as indicated by scm show status:

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm show status -C
Workspace: (1101) "HelloJazz" <-> (1102) "HelloJazz Stream"
  Component: (1103) "HelloJazz"
    Baseline: (1108) 3 "beta2 updates"

      Change sets:
        (1115) -#-@ <No comment>
            -#-c- /com.example.hellojazz.service/src/com/example/hellojazz/servi>

Run scm show conflicts to get more information about the conflicted resource:
C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm show conflicts
  Cc- /com.example.hellojazz.service/src/com/example/hellojazz/service/internal/ (Modified <-> Modified)
Problem running 'conflicts':
Unresolved conflicts remain.

Run scm diff to compare the version of the file in your workspace with the proposed change in the incoming change set (which, as shown by the previous scm show status command, is in the stream with alias 1102):
C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm diff file com.example.hellojazz.service\src\com\example\hellojazz\service\internal\ stream 1102
--- com.example.hellojazz.service/src/com/example/hellojazz/service/internal/      2008-06-03 09:17:36.000000723 -0400
+++ com.example.hellojazz.service/src/com/example/hellojazz/service/internal/      2008-06-03 09:12:27.000000563 -0400
@@ -17,6 +17,6 @@
     implements IHelloJazzService {

     public String sayHello() throws TeamRepositoryException {
-        return "Hello Jazz! You're looking good!";
+        return "Hello Jazz! How are you?";