set merge-queue

Modifies the merge queue for the component. Use the --order option to reorder the queue.


set mq

Usage: scm set merge-queue [-r/--repository-uri <arg>] [-u/--username <arg> -P/--password <arg> | -u/--username <arg> --password-file <arg> | --certificate <arg> -P/--password <arg> | --smartCard -u/--username <arg> | --kerberos | --integratedWindows] [-v/--verbose] [-d/--directory <arg>] [-w/--workspace <arg>] [-a/--after <arg>] (--add <arg ...> | -o/--order <arg ...>) [--] <component>

component component on which to operate.


-r, --repository-uri <arg> The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u, --username <arg> The user name for the repository.
-P, --password <arg> The password for the repository.
    --password-file <arg> File that contains the user's password.
    --certificate <arg> The file that contains the user's login certificate.
    --smartCard Use the connected smart card for authentication.
    --kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNeGO.
    --integratedWindows Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Integrated Windows Authentication.
-v, --verbose Shows extra information.
-d, --directory <arg> Runs the command in the named directory.
-w, --workspace <arg> The workspace or stream. To specify the workspace or stream use its name[@repo], alias or UUID[@repo].
-a, --after <arg> The change set after which the reordered list should be moved. If this option is omitted, the reordered list will be moved to the beginning of the queue.
    --add <arg ...> The change sets to be added to the merge queue
-o, --order <arg ...> The change sets that need to be reordered.
    -- Separate command-line options from the component, (useful when component might be mistaken for --order option).