set component

Replaces components from a workspace. Components that are not found in the target workspace are ignored.


set comp

Usage: scm set component [-r/--repository-uri <arg>] [-u/--username <arg> -P/--password <arg> | -u/--username <arg> --password-file <arg> | --certificate <arg> -P/--password <arg> | --smartCard -u/--username <arg> | --kerberos | --integratedWindows] [--all] [-N/--no-local-refresh] [-o/--overwrite-uncommitted] [-b/--baseline <arg>] [--source <arg>] [-h/--hierarchy] [-m/--multiple-hierarchy] [-s/--skip-inaccessible] [-n/--nobackup] <target-workspace> <replace-type> <replace-source> [components...]

target-workspace The target workspace or stream to change. To specify the workspace or stream, use its name[@repo], alias, or UUID[@repo].
replace-type Source item type. One of: "workspace", "stream", "snapshot" or "historyRef"
replace-source Source of the new components. This item must be of type specified in replace-type. To specify an item, use its name[@repo], alias or UUID[@repo].
components Components to replace. To specify a component, use its name, alias or UUID.


-r, --repository-uri <arg> The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u, --username <arg> The user name for the repository.
-P, --password <arg> The password for the repository.
    --password-file <arg> File that contains the user's password.
    --certificate <arg> The file that contains the user's login certificate.
    --smartCard Use the connected smart card for authentication.
    --kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNeGO.
    --integratedWindows Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Integrated Windows Authentication.
    --all Indicates all components in the target workspace will be replaced.
-N, --no-local-refresh Does not scan the file system for new changes. This option overrides the value of the 'refresh.local.changes' preference. To see the current value of this preference, run 'lscm get preference refresh.local.changes'.
-o, --overwrite-uncommitted Replace components even though there are uncommitted local changes. May cause an overwrite.
-b, --baseline <arg> Indicates the given baseline (name, alias or UUID) is used to replace components.
    --source <arg> Indicates the given workspace or stream (name, alias or UUID) should be considered as the logical source of the baseline or snapshot used to replace components.
-h, --hierarchy Indicates that the replace operation is a hierarchical replace operation.
-m, --multiple-hierarchy Continues with the replace operation even if some components are present in more than one hierarchy.
-s, --skip-inaccessible Continues with the replace operation even if subcomponents are inaccessible and not in the source repository workspace or stream.
-n, --nobackup Indicates the replace operation will continue even if backup baseline will not be created.