set access

Modifies the read access permissions for files and folders. If no read access context is specified it defaults to everyone who can access the component. The read access can also be set to a contributor, team area or project area.

Usage: scm set access [-r/--repository-uri <arg>] [-u/--username <arg> -P/--password <arg> | -u/--username <arg> --password-file <arg> | --certificate <arg> -P/--password <arg> | --smartCard -u/--username <arg> | --kerberos | --integratedWindows] [--apply-to-child-items] [-w/--workspace <arg> -C/--component <arg>] [--contrib <arg> | --projectarea <arg> | --teamarea <arg> | --componentaccess | --accessgroup <arg>] <item...>

item The path of the item for which read access permission is modified. The path might be a file system path to locally loaded items, or it might be a remote path. If you specify a remote path, you must also specify the workspace/stream and the component.


-r, --repository-uri <arg> The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u, --username <arg> The user name for the repository.
-P, --password <arg> The password for the repository.
    --password-file <arg> File that contains the user's password.
    --certificate <arg> The file that contains the user's login certificate.
    --smartCard Use the connected smart card for authentication.
    --kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNeGO.
    --integratedWindows Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Integrated Windows Authentication.
    --apply-to-child-items Indicates that the modified read access permission must be applied to child files and folders.
-w, --workspace <arg> The workspace or stream. To specify the workspace or stream use its name[@repo], alias or UUID[@repo].
-C, --component <arg> The component to select. Specify the name, alias, or UUID of the component.
    --contrib <arg> Only the contributor has read access. To specify this option, use the user id, alias, or UUID of the contributor.
    --projectarea <arg> Everyone who has access to the project area.
    --teamarea <arg> Everyone who has access to the team area.
    --componentaccess Everyone who can access the component has read access.
    --accessgroup <arg> Everyone who is a member of the access group.