remove merge-queue example

remove merge-queue example


C:\jazz\testCLI>scm accept 3012 --queue-merges
Accepting changes:
  Repository: https://localhost:9443/jazz/
  Workspace: (3007) "HEAD"
    Component: (3010) "Component1"
      Current Merge:
        (3012) ----$ TestJazzUser1 "Add new line in b" 05-Nov-2015 01:24 PM
          -Gm (3014) /P/b.txt (Missing)
            -I- (3015) Content modified
      Change sets:
        (3012) ----$ TestJazzUser1 "Add new line in b" 05-Nov-2015 01:24 PM
            ---c- \P\b.txt
Following components have change sets that require merge after accept:
  HEAD - Component1
Run 'scm resolve current-merge' or 'scm set current-merge' or 'scm list merge-queue' or 'scm show status' to work with the merge queue.
The accept command completed successfully.

C:\jazz\testCLI>scm remove merge-queue -c -w 3007 -- 3010
Current merge for the component removed successfully.

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