Source control operation mappings for Engineering Rhapsody

The table below describes the mappings between Engineering Rhapsody® operations and their equivalent Engineering Workflow Management source control operations.
Engineering Rhapsody operation Equivalent Jazz source control operation Equivalent MS-SCCI API
Connect to Archive Sets the sandbox. If the archive is already connected, you can disconnect it from the sandbox, when prompted. SccOpenProject, SccGetProjPath
Show items in Archive Show repository files SccPopulateList
Diff with Rhapsody Compare SccGet
Synchronize Items Not enabled by default. Not applicable
Refresh Status Get resource properties, and Pending Changes synchronize data SccQueryInfo
RunCMTool Preference is set in project properties  
Fetch from archive Get remote file SccGet
Checkout No checkout in Jazz source control. By default, all files are checked-out. SccCheckout
Uncheckout Reverses the checked out status of the file. The file is no longer checked out. SccUncheckout
Check in Check in and deliver. You can set the preference to automatically start a delivery during a check-in. SccCheckin
Add items to Archive Share, check in, and deliver. If the file is already shared, it is checked in automatically. If the file is not shared, the Share wizard opens. SccAdd
History Show the history of a resource. SccHistory
Properties Show Jazz Properties. SccProperties

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