Run Rational Team Concert™ source control command line tools.


The scm command implements a command-line interface to Rational Team Concert source control. It has a rich set of subcommands that create, modify, and manage information in the repository.


scm  [ --non-interactive --config path [ -u  |  --show-uuid ] y|n [ -a  |  --show-alias ] y|n [ -v  |  --version ] [ -h  |  --help ] ] [subcommand [subcommand options ] ]

Options and arguments

-a  |  --show-alias ] y|n
Show or hide aliases for repository objects. Use y to show aliases (the default). Use n to hide them.
--config ] path
The Rational Team Concert source control command line client stores per-user metadata in a configuration directory. The configuration directory is normally $HOME/.jazz-scm, where $HOME represents your home directory. If you want to use a different configuration directory, specify its path name in path.
-h  |  --help ]
Display detailed help for the named subcommand or, if no subcommand is named, for the scm command itself.
Do not prompt for user input.
-u  |  --show-uuid ] y|n
Show or hide UUIDs for repository objects. Use y to show UUIDs. Use n to hide them (the default).
-v  |  --version ]
Display the version of the scm command and subcommands.
An scm subcommand.
subcommand options
Options to the subcommand.

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