update ccase encoding

Updates the data files that are exported from Rational® ClearCase®.


The update command, with the encoding subcommand, updates information of the intermediate data files that are extracted by export ccase command.


  • To run ccc update ccase encoding on the command line:
    ccc update ccase encoding [ -d  |  --dataDir ] data directory [ -e  |  --encodingName ] encoding name [ 
    --viewTags view tag [...]  |  --viewTagsFile view tags file ] [ [ -p  |  --filePath ] version extended paths file  |  version extended path [...] ]


    • ccc update ccase encoding -d C:\ExportedData -e UTF-8 -p c:\ExportedData\logs\filesToEncodeAsUTF8.txt
    • ccc update ccase encoding -d C:\ExportedData -e UTF-8 dir1/foo@@/main/BR1/5 dir2/bar@@/main/BR2/2
    • ccc update ccase encoding -d C:\ExportedData -e UTF-8 --viewTagsFile C:\views.txt dir1/foo@@/main/BR1/5 dir2/bar@@/main/BR2/2

Options and arguments

-d  |  --dataDir ] data directory
The directory to output data files.
-e  |  --encodingName ] encoding name
The encoding name to be used for updating exported data.
-p  |  --filePath ] version extended paths file
The file path that contains the list of versions to be updated (optional). Each line of the file contains one version extended path, which is relative to the exported root.
version extended path
The space-separated version extended paths relative to the exported root.
--viewTags space-separated list
The Rational ClearCase dynamic view tags with configurations that are imported as Rational Team Concert baselines (optional).
--viewTagsFile view tags file
The path to the text file that contains Rational ClearCase dynamic view tags in each line (optional).